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Ceci a notamment l'avantage d'inciter les employés à agir pour faire monter le cours de l'action de leur entreprise.

Le fait de pouvoir, la plupart du temps, acheter à un prix plus bas que le marché permet la réalisation d'un bénéfice à la revente.

Dans le cas contraire, les options deviennent sans valeur (underwater, selon la terminologie anglo-saxonne).

Toutefois, la législation et la pratique tendent désormais à fixer des conditions plus strictes conduisant notamment à fixer le prix d'exercice de l'option à un niveau suffisamment élevé.

These 366-day years add a 29th day to February, which normally has 28 days.

The solar calendar repeats completely every 146,097 days, which fill 400 years, and which also happens to be 20871 seven-day weeks.

A Trans Am that features 70-plus grids populated by Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers and Corvettes— a massive dose of pure Americana, with just a touch of nostalgia.

While it may be tempting to label this the ‘new Trans Am,’ it is more of a return to the true Trans Am. Trans Am is now powered by relevant, practical and purposeful racing platforms that highlight driver talent and generate organic series growth.

While Trans Am will always be dedicated to honoring its history and legacy, it is far from simply living in the past.

Since the addition of the Trans Am Race Company, LLC in late 2011, Trans Am has experienced unprecedented growth as a new class based model has been implemented.

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