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The history of school consolidation in Kansas nearly 50 years ago is also interesting for this reason: Currently a coalition of Kansas school districts are suing the state, asking for more money to be spent on schools.The state’s been sued for this reason before, and the remedy was probably not what the school spending advocates of the day wanted. Steineger: This past summer, I met former Senator Glee Smith who served in the Legislature from the late 50’s into the mid 60’s.A analysis of federal data from the 2013-2014 school year found that a third of all local districts were made up of only one or two public schools.Nearly half of all districts nationally -- 46 percent -- serve fewer than 1,000 students.Numbers such as these have long drawn the ire of policymakers, and in an era of budget cutbacks, “fragmented” school districts serve as prime targets for consolidation.At the beginning of this year, lawmakers in Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and Oklahoma all introduced legislation aimed at merging school districts or combining their administrative duties. 'Island' School Districts: A Story of Haves and Have Nots Total School Districts, Student Enrollment by State and Metro Area Why Schools Resist Consolidating Do Cities Actually Save Money When They Merge?Cook County, Ill., has nearly 150 elementary and high school districts.

This week alone, educators will be pressed to ward off four destructive measures that are up for hearings in the state Legislature.

John Bradford, is heavy-handed state government at its worst.

The measure will be reviewed by a legislative committee on Wednesday.

But such proposals frequently are met with fierce opposition from parents and teachers.

School districts with very small enrollments are actually quite common across the country.

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