Dating erhard jauch movement serial number

This weekend I hope to post some photos of the movement, pendulum leader, etc. This movement is an Urgos marked 'Emperor' on the dial, and must date from the late 1970's, when the case was built.It has a gear-driven disc at the top of the movement with a picture of a sailing ship on it (is it supposed to make one revolution per week or month? It has the pendulum of course, as well as a brass pendulum leader 4 or so inches long (I'll include a photo later). On page 20 there are two Urgos suspension springs: Urgos is a good movement. The Emperor clock company is still in business somewhere down south. Also, Mark Butterworth would be able to tell you what is needed.

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It arrived this week in perfect shape, but it's missing the suspension.

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It has parts gleaned from at least three different clocks. I could watch the minute hand sweep around in front of my eyes! I haven't placed an order yet, but the various links within the site work, so I hope they're still in business!

ST, if you don't think the movement has had much use, and the dirt is just superficial dust, then blowing it out and oiling the pivots may be satisfactory.

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