Dating gibson t top pickups

There are many varieties of Gibson humbucker available, each with their own character.

I got my first one in 1966 when I was 14 years old. OK Guitars is located at 11 Railroad Street in Kent, CT.

The problem with these was that they were plagued by hum and noise. Two coils of wire were used, but put out of phase with each other such that the hum was effectively cancelled out.

The PAF was much quieter than the typical single coil.

All Re Wind humbuckers are machine wound, unpotted, use rough cast Al Ni Co magnets, 42 AWG plain enamel wire, vintage correct braided shield pushback hookup leads, butyrate bobbins, maple spacers, period-correct alloy metals, the most authentic machined steel keeper bars, threaded baseplates and other materials. The rest of the specifications for this set are determined by the date range selected in the "Headstock Serial Date" dropdown menu.

Choose a nickel or gold finish and select "Lightly Aged" or "Vintage Pulls Series" covers and aging.

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