Ideas for updating human resopurces dept

Below are 100 ideas for employee engagement activities: 1. Share stories about how employees' work impacts customers and the organization. Volunteer at a local charity or non-profit organization. Start an internal company newsletter or blog in which employees and leaders can contribute content. Create a wellness committee to implement initiatives around the office. Start every meeting by recognizing one person for a recent accomplishment. Create a job shadowing program for employees to job shadow and learn about other departments in the company. UN Secretary-General-Designate Antonio Guterres will face a number of global challenges when he takes his oath of office on 1 January.Conflicts in Syria and South Sudan, the ethical and legal challenge of cholera in Haiti, climate change, and more.It’s those times where “do more with less” becomes the motto that gives leaders a chance to chart a new course.

In any department in any organization, there’s a temptation to look at a flat budget and start planning how to survive 12 months until the case can be made for an increase year. Departments flush with cash often find it hard to justify rebuilding with an eye toward the future — after all, they can afford to maintain the status quo and invest around the edges.Contemporary UN field operations need to continually adapt to sometimes rapidly changing circumstances on the ground, and as such each require their own specialised mix of skills and experience.It has proven impossible, again and again, to design a recruitment system that can both satisfy the process requirements for UN headquarters recruitment, while also supporting large, fast-moving field operations.Now, then, is the time to redesign your HR practice for scale.A key to helping your HR department do more with less is finding tools that can complement and supplement your existing staff and help make the most of their every activity.

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