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“I don’t ever remember not wanting to [pursue acting].” Here, she tells us about the episode she can’t wait to share and the perk of not playing a Rose. This year she’s integrated more into the lives of the Rose family.

There’s a great episode where Johnny actually starts helping Twyla work in the café. Was it appealing to you to play a role that isn’t a member of the Rose family? When the show first came out, everyone assumed I was the sister.

For them, to have grown to love this character over three seasons, and then to be rooting for him to hook up with a guy—it’s been amazing to read the transformation that’s happening in a lot of homes across Canada.

It’s not something a lot of people know about outside of big cities.

, actress Sarah Levy gets to show off her comedic chops and share the screen with her dad, Eugene Levy, and brother Dan.

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Levy, who used to write a column for , “Winning a Best Actor award would be cool but unless something crazy happens, I don’t have many expectations that I’d beat my dad!I knew from the very beginning that I wanted him to be pansexual.I’d never seen [pansexuality] represented on TV before, and it just felt in line with who the character was.Levy’s character, David, is pansexual: a sexuality not limited by biological sex, gender or gender identity.But this, Levy says, isn’t the focal point of the show, which is why representation of pansexuality is becoming part of a meaningful international discussion.

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