John deere dealer consolidating

IATC enables dealers to easily capture, consolidate and prioritize diagnostic trouble codes, oil sampling results, preventative maintenance alerts and more into one centralized and secure portal."Teaming up with Foresight Intelligence allows our dealers to be even more proactive by managing machine health before a customer is aware of an issue," said Jena Holtberg-Benge, director, John Deere Work Sight™.

"IATC further enhances the power of John Deere Work Sight and is another tool for our dealers to increase customer uptime and create a sustainable competitive advantage."Many John Deere dealers across North America are already utilizing IATC with great results.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about all the mergers and acquisitions in the ag industry.

Most notable is Bayer AG’s proposed billion takeover of Monsanto that would create an industry giant.

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Since the 1980s, global consolidation has resulted in a market of only a handful of competitors.On the heels of Land Pro’s merger in the Northeast, change is also underway for Atlantic Tractor, an 11-dealership John Deere network in Delaware, eastern Maryland and southeastern Pennsylvania.Mc Combie Group and Seam Lev Investments, both Florida-based investor firms, have acquired majority interest in Atlantic Tractor, a network of 11 John Deere equipment dealerships.Farmers are more mindful of the changes in the marketplace after John Deere announced plans to acquire Climate Corporation’s Precision Planting and data sharing across platforms and Monosem, the European market leader in precision planters.The environment continues to be ripe for additional acquisitions.

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