Native american burial sites dating back

But it had not been an active Indian cemetery for more than a century.No living tribal members could recall that a cemetery had been there, although some remembered the old village.Parrott said his main focus was to find out if the remains were forensic or archaeological, to rule out a homicide investigation.

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It's been estimated that 80% were plowed under or otherwise destroyed to make way for farms and buildings, and those remaining sites that are cataloged are protected from disturbance by state law.

The draft bill on the mounds has already won some powerful backers, including the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce and the Wisconsin Builders Association.

It arises in part from a case involving Wingra Stone and Redi-Mix, which owns a quarry north of Mc Farland where an effigy mound has blocked the extraction of materials around and below it.

In that cemetery is a plaque that reads, “First recorded burial John Sheldon Jan 16, 1832.

His father, Joseph, was the first Sheldon to settle here in 1805.

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