Sap infostructure not updating

Steps in LIS EXTRACTION: - : MC18 – create field catalog 1. Save, similarly create key figures catalog : MC21 – create infostructure Example – Inforstructure : S789 Application – 01 Choose characteristic select the catalog, select the fields, copy close Choose key figures catalog select the key figures ,copy close, save and generate – MC24 – create updating Infostructure : S789 Update group : 01- Sales document, delivery, billing document ,enter Select the key figures click on rules for key figures give suggest rules, copy save and generate Click on updating (activate updating) Select the infostructure set periodic split 1. For Delta update: Select the radio button-Generate updating and Execute Select the radio button -Activate / deactivate and Execute.Characteristic Catalog Application-01-Sales and Distribution, 02-Purchasing, 03-Inventory Controlling, etc.. – SBIW – Display IMG (implementation guide) Setting for applications specific data source – logistics – Managing transfer information structure – setup of statistical data – applications specific setup of statistical data –perform statistical setup – sales.For delta update : In R/3 side – MC25, set update (V1) or (V2) or (V3) – LBW0, choose generate updating and execute then choose activate / deactivate and execute BW side - create infopackage and schedule the package with delta update.First time if your scheduling the infopackage -in R/3 side : MC25 -Udating set to No update,insted of selecting the update V1, V2, V3. Effect Updates values in a database table (see Relational database ).

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IN UPDATE TASK in a program executed by a dialog process.

Few might be wondering that this requirement can be well addressed by a simple development. Such development would be very complex because, taking care of Breakdown Duration of Equipments under a Functional Location would be very complicated and so a less reliable code would be an outcome if developed locally.

The same thing comes from Standard through this SAP-note in an accurate way.

In order to obtain data consistency SAP provides an infrastructure containing a different type of processor and a few ABAP commands.

By this infrastructure you are bundling all your database update requests in a single In a typical SAP installation at least one update work process is reserved for asychronous processing of database updates.

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