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She does, however, have some disagreements with her sister, as Effie sometimes feels like Lena chooses her friends (the Sisterhood) over her own family. She is not as beautiful as Lena (having a "large Greek nose") but is the more charismatic of the two sisters. She is very similar to her daughter in that she tends to be closed off and serious.

Ari had a very passionate love affair when she was a young woman, but her lover left for Greece, telling her he'd return and never did, leaving her heartbroken.

As my own family navigates these difficult waters I decided to turn to our expert Lina Acosta-Sandaal from The Nest Miami for guidance.

I was looking for age-appropriate tips to help prepare myself mentally for replying to their questions or raising the topic that my kids may be thinking, but aren’t asking.

She feels especially guilty that people like her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Kostos, and one of her best friends, Bridget, who have lost so much in their lives, can live and love freely when she is reluctant to trust others. Sister: Lena has an outgoing and somewhat promiscuous younger sister named Effie.

Another one of her best friends, Tibby, adds that "If you asked Lena to pick A or B, she'd always choose C," meaning that Lena has difficulty following her emotions. She and Effie generally get along, even though they are very different. Mother: Lena's mother, Ari, is a psychologist of Greek descent.

Eventually, however, she stopped writing entirely about her personal sexual exploits after a few months of dating her current beau. And I’m still in this relationship.” Her sudden interest in monogamy was an area in which I originally thought we would be able to find common ground.

“I was like, okay, so I’m never writing about my sex life again,” she said. My own personal sexual philosophy is probably best expressed by Rabbi Joseph B.

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Indeed, it is no coincidence that the Biblical Hebrew word for copulation is the same as the word for “to know.”Although Chen told me that she believes in neither marriage nor religion, I thought that perhaps on some basic level, Chen’s long-term sexual commitment to a single person reflected an idealistic overlap between us.

Book Series: Ariadne "Ari" Kaligaris (mother) Georgos "George" Kaligaris (father) Effie Kaligaris (sister) Valia Kaligaris (paternal grandmother) Bapi Kaligaris (paternal grandfather) Movie Series: Effie Kaligaris (sister) Mrs.

Kaligaris(mother) Yia Yia (grandmother) Papou (grandfather) Lena "Lenny" Kaligaris is a fictional character in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, a best-selling series of young adult novels by Ann Brashares.

Questions from kids begin as early as the fourth and fifth grades when body changes start becoming more noticeable for both boys and girls.

So while your kids aren’t even 10 years old and still may be watching Barbie movies and building Legos, they also have questions about what they’re feeling or how to manage their new bodies.

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