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As initially written, cable news star Louise Herrick is cartoonishly cougar-y off-camera, while Moafi brings a cool confidence as Julia’s scheduler.

Teegarden and Guzman get cute moments as Jake and Julia’s eager beavers.

You know the show – those that want to lose weight feature on the show and are blasted until they physically can’t take anymore.

He has portrayed Langston Hughes in the film Brother to Brother and James Hold.

He was originally born in Stamford, Connecticut and has featured on the show since around 2011. He’s an actor and a director, originally born in Tacoma, Washington on August 25th, 1964.

Not just a personal trainer, he is also a proud father to his son, Isiah, and has also released workout DVDs, books and much more besides! To be honest, we wouldn’t imagine we would do much in the form of exercising if we were watching this man on a DVD. This hot black cutie was born on March 2nd, 1985 in Spring Valley, California in the States. He’s now married to Desiree Da Costa and they have three kids together so it would seem that not only is his family life going great, but judging by the Golden Globe nominations and one Grammy Award, his acting career is going from strength to strength as well.

To prepare for the role, she spent several days in the spring shadowing the news team at CNN headquarters in Atlanta.

“These are really smart people who are really well-versed in politics and world news that can work as an incredible team,” she said, getting animated as she described the visit.

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